Putting the TRANS in Transgender. Trans inclusion in healthcare and education.

September 19, 2017

Written by Gon Asla.

Diversity is an inherent feature of any civilised society. It is unreasonable to argue against the great value that cultural variety has on our communities. Our university is no different, within our student and staff communities we have representatives from hundreds of countries and speakers of dozens of languages. It is our duty to work towards accommodating every reasonable adjustment to integrate these communities within our organisation.

In order for the university to better facilitate inclusion, the participation of student and staff is very important. It is essential that our community is able to freely express their inclusion needs in order for the organisation to acknowledge them, and work towards accommodating these needs and promoting their awareness.

As part of Napier’s Inclusion Week, on the 26th of September we are organising an event in partnership with the Scottish Trans Alliance in order to provide a platform for the trans community to voice their concerns and challenges, and also to participate in an innovation workshop to help find creative solutions to such challenges.

The challenges our students face are often ignored or neglected. Help us learn about your challenges so that together we can shape our community towards greater transgender inclusion.

Learn more about the event and find out how to book, here.

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