Changing Perceptions & Edinburgh Interfaith Association

July 26, 2017

Regardless of the readers’ position on the multicultural society debate, it is undisputable that societal anxiety has gradually increased in recent years; an attitude that has polarised our politics even further by antagonising “The Others” and by doing so, raising racial, ethnical and cultural discrimination and tensions. This growing fear may have contributed to the controversial decision for the United Kingdom to break away from the European Union. It is the likely culprit for the growing far-right support in the country, and is fuelling heinous hate crimes such as the recent acid attacks in London.

There is therefore a desperate need for organisations such as the Edinburgh InterFaith Association (EIFA) (follow them on Facebook and Twitter), in order to facilitate a civil interfaith discourse and shorten the sentimental distances among the different cultures that form our nation. From EIFA’s executive director, Iain Stewart’s own words: “Together we must stand or divided we will surely fall”.

EIFA’s mission is to promote awareness, diversity and cultural harmony in Edinburgh by bringing people of all faiths together. They provide a rich and safe environment where everyone’s voices count and all efforts are made to understand their fears, challenges and values.

Edinburgh Napier University vehemently supports EIFA’s mission, and in order to deepen their commitment, Bright Red Triangle have agreed on a collaborative partnership with EIFA as part of their Changing Perceptions programme. Today we are proud to announce the appointment of Nika Puri as EIFA’s new Board Member for Partnership, Funding and Development. On her role, Nika’s extensive expertise will support EIFA on their search for funding opportunities, she will guide them on outreach strategies, design social innovation workshops, and facilitate the recruitment of interns and volunteers. Additionally, Nika and the Bright Red Triangle team will collaborate on events to promote EIFA’s mission among students, academics and the general public.

This blog article was written by Gon Asla.

Bright Red Triangle