Showcase diversity of Social Enterprise business development

Do you know there are 70,000 social enterprise in the UK with almost a million employees, and contributing more than £18 billion into the UK economy? But how do they operate under what shape of businesses? Please come and join us to learn: 

  1.     Understanding the diversity of social enterprise models
  2.     Developing insights to grow your own ideas into social enterprise 
  3.     Accessing to the professional knowledge, network and supports
  4. Understanding the challenges and advantages of social enterprise as a business model. 

During this event, we have special guests from Firstport, People Know How and Foursquare.

PLEASE NOTE, we’d encourage your full participation of the three Social Enterprise sessions leading to the final team pitch competition. 

If you are an Edinburgh Napier University student, please book your place to the event on myFuture, here.