Fitness Programme Week 1

October 23, 2017

Written by Iain Leggat.

There’s something amazingly comforting about being surrounded by people with the same goals and interests. Whether it’s in a tutorial and university, or running a marathon, or even a small artisan coffee shop, where everyone loves the care and attention with the coffee beans.

Day one of Bright Red Triangle’s Fitness programme filled me with this feeling. It was a small room crammed full of 25 – 30 like-minded young and ambitious students ready to take on the world.

Through introductions, it became evident from about three people in that though everyone had different backgrounds, hobbies and talents, everyone was there for the same reasons; to improve their CV, to gain experience, to gain skills and to do something different.

Personally, my main objective is to learn more entrepreneurial skills. I am a 2nd year Journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University, and the prospect of entering a highly competitive freelance world, having a skill-set that can put me a step ahead seemed like an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

The day itself was filled with discussions about what this was all about, what being a BRT Junior Consultant would be like, and more importantly, how we will be good at it.

The highlight though was a game of the always inspiring ‘Personality Poker’. Ah the joys of leaning what kind of person you are.

Each player was given five cards, all with different personality traits. This was you. We now had to deal our way round the room in an attempt to better our hand, to create five cards that we thought represented us.

There were moments when I was right in the thick of it. Joining the scrum of people all attempting to get what they saw as the perfect hand. You begin to question everything about yourself. Five cards really isn’t that many to sum up ones’ personality. But we had to make do.

I stood back and observed for a couple of minutes near the end of our time. Seeing people hold their cards close to their chest, or whether they were willing to share what they had. Everyone was different.

By the end of the session we had been divided into our teams and given our projects that we will work on for the next three weeks.

My group’s challenge is to find a way to encourage other sectors to attend CreativeMornings Edinburgh. It’s exciting, and it’s exactly why I wanted to be part of the BRT. Diving headfirst into something I otherwise wouldn’t have ever discovered if I hadn’t applied.

Bright Red Triangle