Fitness Programme Week 2

October 24, 2017

Written by Iain Leggat. 

Who would have though post-its could be so fun, let alone fifty on them on A3 pieces of paper.

Week two of the BRT Fitness Programme had all the teams armed with paper, markers and plenty of sticky notes.

I had a lot of fun this week, more fun that I first imagined. We had a quick talk by Cilla Richards who took us through business models, identifying opportunities and customer personas, then it was us in our groups smashing through some ideas to move our assignments forward.

It was the customer persona’s bit that really caught my team’s eye. Our challenge is all about ways of attracting other sectors to attend CreativeMornings in Edinburgh. No mean feat, but we wanted to envision who attends and we wanted to attend. Giving each person a name and personality I became suddenly attached to them as humans.

Strange, but it worked. I had never done this before, but as we talked through ideas and possibilities of moving forward I suddenly found myself referring to ‘Linda the stay at home mum’ or ‘Eddie the IT student’ like they were my colleagues. But I guess this is what it was all about. Making it relatable. Who would really want to use this service? Putting ourselves in their shoes.

As the project deepened and we arranged new meetings with Clients and Senior Consultants, I took a moment to look around the room and see the other groups. I didn’t know their challenges, but I could tell they were going through all the same stages as my team.

Whether it was the team at the back of the lecture theatre with their fantastically arranged sticky note groups, identifying target areas and ideas, or the team beside mine discussing potential product ideas, writing every possible idea down before it fades away from the brain.

I guess I ate a little bit of humble pie at the end of the session. I am still getting used to the idea that I am building some sort of entrepreneurial mind-set, and it does feel a bit like the start of an Apprentice episode. I am still critical of this in my head, but when it actually comes down to it, I am really enjoying the experience and I think my team are nailing it.

I am getting exactly what I wanted out of this. Doing challenges and tasks that I wouldn’t do on my course.

So far so good. Now on to the next session tomorrow afternoon, Prototypes and Storytelling – stay tuned for more.

Bright Red Triangle