Fitness Programme Week 3

November 3, 2017

Written by Iain Leggat

Okay, the jokes have officially become a reality. If any of you reading have skimmed through my previous two blogs on week 1 and 2 of the BRT Fitness Programme you would be aware of the similarities, I felt between this programme and The Apprentice.

Well week three was no different. Focusing on Prototypes and Testing, it was finally time for my team to hit the streets and ask what people thought of it.

Because our idea was based around getting more businesses to host and attend CreativeMornings events, it wasn’t the easiest thing to survey around the Merchiston campus. But what we did do was pitch possible slogan ideas that could help attract businesses to attend, and also asked the questions about whether people felt creative.

Fun and enjoyable. We as a team were all on the same page and carried out the task with a lot of enthusiasm, and the answers proved somewhat surprising. Most on campus felt they were creative, but with a little hesitation, they questioned it themselves.

Gregor and Jonathan out testing their prototype.

It wasn’t until we hit a local joiner to ask whether they would attend CreativeMornings, which was when it got really interesting. He doesn’t consider himself creative at all, well not at his age, he said reluctantly. But after careful persuasion, we talked him into the idea of attending or possibly hosting a meeting for his office workers. It was all starting to happen.

Julia, Viivi, Gregor and Jonathan on skype with their Senior Consultant in session three of the Fitness Programme.

This to me was the thinking point from the third week. Agathe, one of my team members, asked what the point in this training week was. As well as getting used to the idea of being a Junior Consultant, it was all about the team work.

Neda and Patryk skyping their Senior Consultant for advice and support during week three of the Fitness Programme.

I have generally come to love working with my team. We all have that little spark and I love it. Walking in an hour before to have a meeting with them, it’s all smiles and jokes, personal questions like how was your test or did you get that assignment done?

This to me has been the best bit about this programme. That I have been lucky enough to work with three fantastically talented people.

This post is for my team: James, Agathe and Helena.

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