Investing Women Entrepreneur Events

October 17, 2017

Are you looking to looking to grow your business through investment and want to make sure you are ready? The Investing Women Entrepreneur Events programme is a series of events held across Scotland that will help prepare you for your investment journey.

Part 1: A Day with the Angels

A practical, highly interactive workshop with Investing Women. Meet and talk with business angels, get tips on being investor ready, ask any questions you like, meet other entrepreneurs and get help with your pitch.

Part 2: Making it Concrete

This hands-on workshop will walk you through the steps of defining your business model to help you start and grow an investable business.

Part 3: Pitch Practice

Come along to our Pitch Practise day and pitch to our experienced Business Angels who will help you. Understand what a Business Angel wants to hear from you to maximise your chances of investment.

Book on either A Day with the Angels or Making it Concrete to receive buy one get one free. Once you have attended part 1 or part 2 you will be invited to Pitch Practice.

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