Bright Red Triangle Consultancy

The core aim of BRT is to develop and deliver meaningful experiences and learning opportunities to support Edinburgh Napier graduates to become FIT (Future Investible Talent). We want to encourage our talented students to be ‘investor ready’ whether that is a venture capitalist investing in an idea, or an employer investing in a person.

Through our Bright Red Triangle Consultancy, we offer Edinburgh Napier students and recent graduates the opportunity to become Junior Consultants, and develop their skills and experience working on both paid and unpaid projects for real clients.

Projects are ad hoc and dependent on client needs including the type of work, project duration, project management practices, and the level of mentorship and supervision provided by the core BRT team and Senior Consultants. The range of clients come from all sectors including public services, social economy, and for-profit organisations.

The types of projects vary substantially, and therefore we recruit students from all academic disciplines across the university to join our Talent Pool. Examples of past projects we have completed include, but are not limited to:

  • Market research
  • Business strategy
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Photography and film
  • Public relations
  • Social media marketing

It is compulsory for all Junior Consultants to participate in our Fitness programme prior to being assigned to any project work. To find out more about the Fitness programme, click here.

How you can get involved



Do you have a project to complete that you haven’t had the time, resources, or expertise to work on in-house? We offer a consultancy service made up of talented individuals and businesses with a wide range of experience and expertise that can help you. Find out more, here.


Edinburgh Napier University students and recent graduates

Apply to become a Junior Consultant. Find out more about our requirements and how to apply here.


Senior Consultants

Would you like to join our BRT community, and mentor our team of Junior Consultants whilst working on paid and unpaid projects for real clients? Find out more about how to become a Senior Consultant here.

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