BRT Consultancy Project: Jonathan Rose & The Attentive Chair

April 20, 2017

Co-authored by Junior Consultant, Emily Grefer

Bright Red Triangle was approached by Jonathan Rose, a local engineer turned furniture designer-maker, looking to bring his newest product to market. The Attentive Chair is a wooden chair made from Ash and manufactured by British manufacturers to ensure the quality of the materials and design. The chair inspires an active mind-set and lifestyle by keeping posture upright and alert, leaving the mind open to inspire and innovate. Jonathan had clearly taken great care in the design and production of his product, and we knew he needed an original marketing strategy to complement it.

Jonathan Rose and The Attentive Chair © Neal Murray

At our first meeting, we discussed the overall vision for the chair and what our goals would be. We negotiated our scope to three phases of work: a preliminary international market screening, a secondary fine-grained screening and market selection, and finally a detailed marketing strategy that could be implemented in the chosen market.

The Attentive Chair © Neal Murray

The preliminary screening yielded 11 potential markets around the globe for Jonathan to consider. From these, he chose two potential markets that seemed to be the most profitable. The second phase of detailed market research produced a forty page document that included general market characteristics, detailed competitive analyses, external risks, and possible opportunities to exploit. We were all very excited after this phase because the task felt more tangible. All that was left was to create a carefully constructed strategy for Jonathan in the months leading up to the September 2017 launch of the Attentive Chair.

The Attentive Chair at Aberdeen Train Station © Neal Murray

Completing this project required foresight and creative solutions from the BRT team as our client would be carrying out the remaining strategy himself. Using the compiled research and knowledge of the chosen market, we were able to give Jonathan an imaginative plan to bring the Attentive Chair successfully to market.

Jonathan said that the Bright Red Triangle team were “curious and explored avenues I hadn’t thought about – brought a powerful objectivity to the project; good communications; strong resource base; and were cheerful.”

Bright Red Triangle