BRT’s Fitness Programme

Bright Red Triangle offers students and start-up businesses from across Edinburgh Napier the opportunity to develop their skills and experience working on real projects.

The Fitness programme is a key element of our BRT activities and is designed to encourage connection, creativity and experimentation in which learners work within a ‘safe space’ to consider the development of their own and others’ ideas.

We believe that by leading groups through a problem-solving framework we can support the incubation of their ideas and projects to the point where they can have a commercial or social impact. Hopefully both.

The initiative enables team-based problem finding and problem solving. Students are given tools that foster empathy, ideation, innovation and collaboration.

BRT provides a mechanism through which private, public and social economy organisations can offer you opportunities to work with them. Students will build on their theoretical skills and gain practical experience and relevant training through our FITness programme.

Within our Fitness programme, there are two key elements:

  • Interactive workshops and applied learning for participants each week. Although mainly based on programmes delivered by Bright Red Triangle, the content is adapted to meet the needs of the participants.
  • Individual mentoring tailored to each participant.

This programme will support the participants in developing the seven survival skills that employers say they are looking for today and that entrepreneurs require to succeed:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration across networks and leadership by influence
  • Agility & adaptability
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Effective communication in all versions
  • Accessing and analysing data, information and knowledge
  • Curiosity, imagination and innovative capacity

Bright Red Triangle