Calling student entrepreneurs with international ambitions

October 11, 2021

Join the EUAcceL programme and work with international partners in the areas of urban mobility and low carbon manufacturing

EUAcceL is a 3 month programme with the opportunity to work in a team to build your entrepreneurial skills, to develop an international network and to reach a point where you are ready to pitch to investors.

The programme is designed to support student teams to develop ideas which will tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. This first cycle of the programme is focused on Urban Mobility and Low Carbon Manufacturing.

If you have an idea or would like to join one of our entrepreneurial teams then please send your note of interest and CV to

If you want to learn more, or don’t have an idea, sign up for one of our Idea Development sessions!

20 October


22 October


By Urban Mobility we mean

  • Active mobility – mobility through non-motorized means, based around human physical activity e.g. bikes
  • Intermodality make using more than one mode of transport during a single journey as easy as possible.
  • Mobility infrastructure is about physical and smart connections to improve travel flows (e.g. smart roads etc)
  • Mobility for all – travel for all users including disabled, elderly etc
  • Pollution reduction – reducing emissions, toxins in manufacture, etc
  • Sustainable city logistics – making movement of good as sustainable as possible within cities (e.g. bike couriers)
  • Mobility and Energy – Improve energy in mobility e.g. battery, solar, hydrogen?
  • Last Mile Delivery – improving the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination

By low carbon manufacture we mean

  • Flexible production systems for competitive manufacturing
  • Low environmental footprint systems & circular economy for green manufacturing (Using new technology to minimise the use of resources, energy and materials in production systems enables new circular business models
  • Digital & collaborative solutions for innovative manufacturing ecosystems (Collaboration and business on digital platforms and value networks to create new and highly efficient value-chains)
  • Human-machine co-working for socially sustainable manufacturing (Smart use of automation and robots for workplaces, flexible production and sustainable human work.)

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