CareerHub & Symplicity Spotlight Event

June 11, 2019

Last week was the annual spotlight event by CareerHub and Symplicity, or as it is known at Edinburgh Napier – myFuture. BRT and Student Futures attended the two day conference which was hosted by Sheffield Hallam University.

Left to right Vlad Ivanov, BRT; Shannon Murray, Student Futures; Adam Watling, Student Futures

For those of you who do not know, myFuture is the platform used by a number of professional services departments across our university to engage with our students. To sum up the aim of the platform – it is a one stop shop for student extra-curricular personal and professional development. The platform can be used to find jobs (there are over 300 opportunities as of this moment, both part-time and graduate), speak to a business adviser, or get your CV checked (amongst other things).

The conference brought together representatives of Higher Education Institutions from across the United Kingdom – it was great to share best practice and to see what future developments are in the pipeline. We are very excited about the numerous ways in which we can utilise this platform to better engage with our students, graduates and staff. There are very little limits to what we can do, and we would be very grateful for your input.

Think about what you want to see on the platform? Is there something that you wish you had when you were in your first year of studies? How best can we utilise the digital space we have to bring you the best value out of your University experience?



Any and all ideas are welcome! Just email Vlad at or better yet – submit a question through myFuture!

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