Changing Perceptions

Our Changing Perceptions programme is focused on supporting active citizenship among the Edinburgh Napier community.

We want to inspire a community of change makers to solve society’s challenging problems by talking about issues that aren’t often discussed.

Our interactive workshop series

Our interactive workshops are open to students, staff and network partners who aspire to shape, share and develop ideas that have a positive impact on society, the economy and communities. We encourage curiosity, raise the level of debate, and challenge students and staff to take action.


We follow a design thinking approach and enable team-based problem solving. Our participants are given tools that foster active listening, ideation, innovation and collaboration.


We believe that by leading groups through a problem-solving framework we can incubate their ideas and projects to the point where they can have a commercial or social impact. Hopefully both.

Our Approach

Workshops follow an unconventional approach by implementing the five magic word algorithm,

Awareness – Debate – Analysis – Reflection – Action”.


  • Awareness – Develop an understanding of issues concerning social good, social responsibility and social prejudices in democratic societies around us.


  • Debate – Initiate a dialogue and inculcate the culture of questioning preconceived perceptions.


  • Analysis – Identify and develop a relationship between oneself and the personal experiences; followed by an idea generation workshop to focus on the solutions.


  • Reflection – Encouraging participants to reflect on their learnings, experiences and pre-conceived stereotypes and belief systems.


  • Action – Equip individuals to gather the courage to question the unquestioned with knowledge and skills so that they can contribute by developing enterprising mindsets and their own CP projects.

 This approach enables our diverse and motivated community to collaborate and make a contribution to the university, the surrounding community, and the world as a whole.

What people say

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