Co-founder wanted

December 10, 2021


Entust is an innovative platform which enables every person in the world to have an income from sharing what they love, their most unique passion, without risks and without the need of a bank account. 

In other words, Entust changes the whole game and allows all of to make a living through our passion whilst connecting with others, regardless of your background. In addition, we use the newest technology to ensure full transparency. The world we used to know is drastically changing, will you co-create this new lifestyle?

We are a highly passion-driven and multidisciplinary team who would love to find a new team member/Co-Founder that shares our vision and passion and helps us continue building our business in the most effective way.

Positions available

Head of Visualization/Design

  • Web design
  • Photography and video
  • Wording and storytelling

Head of Marketing

  • Creating marketing strategies and social media content
  • Building an online community and acting as a spokesperson in social media

Bright Red Triangle