April 26, 2018

ConstrucTech with Virgin StartUp

What is ConstrucTech?

ConstrucTech is a new open innovation programme, developed in partnership with Colmore Tang, one of the UK’s most innovative construction companies. The program is designed to offer start-ups the opportunity to fast-track the growth of their business, through mentorship and training. ConstrucTech with Virgin StartUp is a scale-up accelerator offering start-ups the opportunity to develop their business and products over an intensive six-week period. Taking place in London this summer, the programme provides access to a £10m innovation fund, which will be used to scale businesses that can solve three of the construction industry’s biggest challenges.


Who is it suitable for?

ConstruchTech are searching for innovative start-ups with solutions that could address the following challenges, set by Colmore Tang:


  1. People Challenge – Ensuring that construction workers have the tools they need do their jobs safely and effectively;
  2. Data Challenge – Using new technology to better capture data and implement new ways for teams to work and communicate;
  3. Smart Materials Challenge – Addressing how the construction industry can implement smarter tools and materials to improve productivity, reduce waste and negate environmental impact.


Why should you care?

Why should you enter?

The Challenges – Building the Future of Construction


  • The “People Challenge” is about making sure our workers have the tools they need to succeed.  Think – Health & Safety, Workforce Management, HR Solutions, Productivity & CRM.


  • The “Data Challenge” focuses on how  we can improve the flow of data between architects, engineers & site teams.
    Think – IoT, Supply Chain Analysis, Real-time Monitoring, Resource Management, Big Data.


  • The “Smart Materials Challenge” address how can we implement smarter tools and materials to improve productivity, reduce waste and negate environmental impact? Think – Connected Materials, Waste Reduction, CleanTech, Efficiency Improvement.

Key Contacts:

Jonathon Spanos – Head of Commercial & Innovation
Elena Birchall – Relationship Manager



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