Creative Consultants: Maximilian Brooks

May 9, 2019

This week we had the privilege of speaking with Maximilian Brooks, winner of the Bright Red Sparks 2019 Creative Consultants category. We wanted to find out more about Max and his passion for Product Design, as well as his plans for the future.

Maximilian Brooks, Junior Consultant

Tell us a bit about yourself

”I am a young Scottish designer in my third year studying Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University.

I am interested in collaborative projects, all aspects of design (graphic, experiential, interior etc.) and I have a slight obsession with cars!”

Could you tell us a bit more about why you went into Product Design? What is it that you enjoy most about your course at Edinburgh Napier?

”I was looking to get hands on with a creative course and through looking at my available options, Product Design seemed like the right choice.

I remember in my interview for Napier there was emphasis on the fact they get hands on, practical, and design as much as possible, which is exactly what I was looking for!”

Could you share with us some of your ideas for your final year project?

“I can’t say much about my final year project at the minute as there are many ideas I’m looking to develop.

However, I’m fairly certain that my project focus will be on the ‘digital nomad’ generation; the increasing amount of industry professionals who work remotely from wherever possible.”

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience of being a Junior Consultant at BRT?

“Being a Junior Consultant for BRT has been a great experience for me so far.

The FITness programme was an extensive course packed full of valuable content for me to learn. The programme was exciting, motivating, very challenging and overall an overwhelmingly positive experience. Not only that but the opportunity to experience a live client project in the comfort and security of this setting was invaluable.”

What would be your ideal five year plan?

”My ideal five year plan is completing my final year project and graduating, getting involved in the industry as a designer, generally expanding my network and collaborating on as many projects as a designer as I can. Where I go and what I do depends greatly on my job, but as long as I’m challenging myself as a designer I hope to grow and feel fulfilled.”

How did you feel about winning the Creative Consultants Category? And what are you planning on using the prize money for?

“I’m honestly still in shock! I’m absolutely chuffed to say the least, winning the Creative Consultant award is going to be valuable for me; I’ll be using it on my CV and the prize money really gives me an advantage for research & materials for my final year project!”

If given the chance, what would you tell your younger self? Is there something you wish you knew before you started University?

“If I could tell my younger self anything when starting University, it would be to collaborate and take on as much extra-curricular work and projects as you can manage ASAP! Once you start doing this you’ll open yourself to more and better opportunities for you to take.”

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