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April 22, 2021

Social Shifters’ Carousels for Change

What is it?

Carousels for Change is a nationwide competition that encourages change makers like yourselves to start solving real social problems. We are inviting students from across Scotland to present a solution to a social problem. You would then have to present the problem, the solution and its impact in an Instagram post!

So I have to post my solution to a social problem on Instagram?!

That’s correct! The challenge we have for you is to come up with a solution to a social problem you are passionate about. Once you have identified the problem, post about it on Instagram.

How exactly does this work?

There are four steps you should follow

When you create your carousel you should include

An overview of the issue
How you plan to execute your solution
The impact of your solution

Anything else I need to know?

Once you submit the carousel you are in for a chance to present your idea. The prize is up to £500!

The deadline for submitting your entry is 30th April 2021

You can access the Social Shifters platform here

The full T&C for the competition can be found here

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