Changing Perceptions

Changing Perceptions: Inspiring Responsible Entrepreneurship

Let’s Get Our Shit Together is a workshop aiming to answer the big question

– Can you make your poo work for you?



Don’t panic, this is not about individuals selling their own waste, although that is actually “a thing.” No, this is about composting toilets, why they are good for the environment and where the commercial opportunities can be found.


Humans have a complicated relationship with our own biological waste. We are fortunate in the First World to have developed sewage systems which take it away and clean it up without us thinking too hard about it but not everybody in the world has access to water sanitation. Bill Gates is one of many people interested in toilet innovation.


“Imagine if we could invent a toilet that was its own treatment plant! Powered only by what its users deposited in it. An affordable toilet which would need no connection to a sewer system, a water supply or electricity…”



Here are a few statements to make you think…


Did you know that water-flush toilets devour 30% of the UK’s water supply? By using a composting toilet the average family will save approx 30,000 litres of water a year. That’s about a swimming pool’s worth of perfectly good drinking water saved every 12 months.


There are reckoned to be about 2500 composting loos in the UK but that is a tiny drop in the ocean when you consider that there are 45 million toilets across the UK using 2 billion litres of flushed, wasted water per day.

Did you know that there were 1300 composting toilets installed at the Glastonbury Festival this year? Unfortunately there is nobody in Scotland that can supply these toilets on that scale. 


We have invited some experts to explain more at our next Changing Perceptions workshop at Edinburgh Napier’s Sighthill Campus on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 from 2-5pm. Our Changing Perceptions workshop programme aims to inspire responsible entrepreneurship by getting the right people in the room together and coming up with innovative ideas that can become sustainable and impactful businesses or projects!


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