Freelance Academy

Want to be your own boss?

We can help.


Our Freelance Academy offers Edinburgh Napier students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn what being a freelancer is really like.


The three-stage process allows individuals to explore self-employment as an option, learn the knowledge and skills necessary to work for yourself, and provides you with the opportunity for your skills to be actively promoted to businesses in Edinburgh and beyond.



  • Intensive training programme

  • Decide whether self-employment is right for you
  • Gain the knowledge and skills required to work for yourself

  • Join the Bright Red Triangle community
  • Network with like-minded peers from across the university

  • Meet professionals and advisers who will support you through your journey



  • Opportunity to apply to become a BRT Freelance Fellow

  • Finalise your freelance offer

  • Complete an application form

  • If your application is successful, you will experience a mock client pitch and panel interview

  • Network with like-minded peers from across the university

  • Feedback is provided throughout



  • Online profile advertising your services to BRT and Edinburgh Napier’s business network

  • Milestones and targets to meet

  • Regular check-ins with our Incubator Managers

  • Become a member of our BRT community

  • Have access to specialist workshops and events to update and enhance your skills as a freelancer

Register to take part

The next Freelance Academy will run from Friday, 21 February 2020, to Saturday, 22 February 2020. To complete the programme, you are required to attend and fully participate on both days.


If you are an student, alumni within two years of graduation, or a staff member of Edinburgh Napier University, you are eligible to participate.


Your freelance expertise also does not need to match the course or degree you are studying or teaching. Everyone is welcome.


There are however limited places on each course, and we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.


The programme is interactive and covers the most important and practical aspects of working for yourself, including:

  • Explore whether self-employment is right for you
  • Discover your niche
  • Identify your target market
  • Learn how to find customers in a competitive marketplace
  • Investigate marketing techniques to help you thrive
  • Learn how to manage client relationships
  • Explore project management techniques
  • Get to grips with the financial and legal requirements you need to know
  • Discover helpful resources for freelancers
  • Consider your personal development and wellbeing


  • Discover whether freelancing is the right path for you
  • Receive free valuable and intensive freelance training
  • Have the opportunity to apply to become a BRT Freelance Fellow
  • Gain experience and confidence
  • Learn about fantastic resources available to help freelancers
  • Extend your network and receive valuable support
  • Join the BRT community
  • Add value to your CV with an endorsed completion certificate

BRT Freelance Fellows

Upon completion of The Freelance Academy, participants will have the opportunity to apply to become a BRT Freelance Fellow. 


BRT Freelance Fellows are endorsed by Bright Red Triangle, and are actively promoted to businesses in Edinburgh and beyond.


More information on how to apply and requirements will be communicated to The Freelance Academy participants.

Bright Red Triangle