Kickstart your freelance career

April 14, 2021

Kickstart your freelance journey by joining our Freelance Academy.

What is it?

Bright Red Triangle’s Freelance Academy is a bootcamp that equips you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful freelancer. We have been running the freelance academy for several years – three to be precise. Our latest bootcamp finished on the 9 of April. The Academy covers four essential topics of freelancing.

  • • What is your why? Finding your niche
  • • Who are your customers and where to find them?
  • • Sales & Marketing
  • • Finance & Legal

We have designed the Freelance Academy in a way that is focused on doing, rather than having you sit through a two-hour lecture. Our focus is on peer learning, so all participants gain access to an exclusive online community where they can share ideas, ask questions, and find inspiration.

How is it run?

The programme is run by our business advisers, Pete McLean and Victoria Bradley

We run the Freelance Academy online. At the beginning of each week we post content and tasks for participants to complete at their leisure. On Fridays we spend the sessions discussing those tasks and focusing on groupwork. For the first time this year we created an exclusive community on Facebook where participants engaged with one another. This also served as the hub for our Freelance Academy resources. For our groupwork activities we used Mural, which worked great!

Pete and Vic are also available for dedicated one to one support throughout the programme’s duration.

Why is it awesome?

We can spend quite some time listing all the reasons why this programme is amazing. But rather than doing that, why don’t you read what some of our most recent participants have to say.


”The best thing that happened for me is that I found support and help during the academy. Now, I am feeling more confident and ready to start something new”

”Changing my perspective and opening my eyes to the bigger picture. Confidence boost was invaluable as well as resources provided”

”The motivation and inspiration that it gave me. Hearing, not only professional advice from the lecturers, but advice and stories from others”

And what do our graduates plan to do now that they have all this knowledge?


 ”Build my own sound design studio”

”I plan on going Full-time freelance when I have completed my course”

When can I join?

Our Freelance Academy runs twice a year. If you want to be the first to find out news of when we are launching the next programme, subscribe to the Freelance Academy waiting list below.

Bright Red Triangle’s Freelance Academy is open to students and graduates of Edinburgh Napier University

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