Activities to try to generate ideas

January 7, 2021

Do you find yourself stuck for ideas? Do you wish you had some tools handy when brainstorming? We at BRT have compiled a list of activities to help you get your creative juices flowing!

At BRT we are always looking to innovate in the way we work. Often we use a number of tools and techniques to help us with our thinking. Below are some of our team’s go-to exercises when running workshops and brainstorming sessions.

If you need some guidance on how to best utilise these, please feel free to get in touch. You can also meet with one of our business advisers, who will be happy to talk you through these exercises.

Forced Connections

Forced connections is a great way to get your team out of a creative rut. Plus, this kind of thinking is seen in products all of the time like the Apple watch, the Swiss Army knife, smartphones, or even sofa beds.

To start with, bring either a bag of random items to your next meeting or draw up two lists of unrelated items on a board. Then ask your team members to pick two or more items from the bag or the board. Once they’ve made their choice, ask them to explore different ways these items can be connected.

This technique can produce some silly results, but by the end your team members will all be thinking creatively again.


The big advantage of brain-writing is that it ensures that everybody in your team is given the opportunity to have their thoughts and ideas thoroughly considered by the group. This avoids the loudest or most extroverted people unintentionally dominating your team’s thinking.

In this exercise, ask your team members to simply write down a few rough ideas for solving a particular problem on a piece of paper. Then pass each piece of paper on to the next person, who reads it silently and adds their own ideas to the page. This process is repeated until everyone in the team has had a chance to add to each original piece of paper.

The notes can then be gathered, ready for discussion.


This Wishing technique encourages people to let their imaginations run wild. Ask your team members to dream up the most unattainable, extreme, and impractical solutions they can think of to a given problem. Create a list of a few dozen wishes related to the task at hand.

Focus on a selection of the wishes created, and consider and discuss each idea in detail with your team. The aim of this exercise is to trigger new but more realistic concepts to pursue. What makes the idea so impossible? How can that wish be scaled down? Which features of the idea could we integrate into this other approach? You might be surprised to discover real-world solutions among your team’s wildest ideas.

If you enjoyed the above techniques, but are unsure of how best to use them, make sure you reach out! Our advisers will be happy to meet with you and help you on your creative journey.

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