Meet the Innovation Guru – Nick Fannin

November 23, 2018

On Monday, 19 November 2018, Nick Fannin (Head of Bright Red Triangle) stepped in as a guest lecturer to deliver a talk on innovation and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Dr Luca Mora (Lecturer in Urban Innovation Dynamics), the lecture series aims to spark the imagination and creativity of our students at Edinburgh Napier University by introducing them to experts who will share their vast knowledge and experience.

Nick grew up around entrepreneurship, with his mother running a number of businesses, whilst his father was building a career in science. This early exposure to the business world made an impression, and after a career in book publishing, Nick started his own company. Creatively named NB Agency (Nick’s Business Agency), Nick was in the field for a number of years, before making a decision to exit, and start helping budding entrepreneurs get their businesses going.

Working with people from deprived areas in Glasgow by being a member of The Prince’s Trust, Nick encountered a number of colourful characters, brilliant minds, and helped numerous entrepreneurs on their journeys to success.

Nick then joined Edinburgh Napier University and became part of Bright Red Triangle.


Aligned with the University’s strategy, Bright Red Triangle’s activities are immersed in entrepreneurship and innovation. There is a rising number of graduates in self-employment and the importance of SME’s for the Scottish economy is paramount. Bright Red Triangle supports students, staff and graduates to start their own business – we help students develop an entrepreneurial skillset, and become more employable. Over the years Bright Red Triangle has seen over 400 start-ups pass through its doors, with over 1,200 students supported.

We believe that building multidisciplinary teams is important. Collaboration drives innovation and reduces the chances of landing straight into the swamp of despair.

On Innovation


People need to want a product.


Your team needs the skills to develop said product.


Innovation is about execution.


It is all well and good when we are full of ideas, but taking an idea and turning that into a commercial project that is sustainable, that is another story.

Bright Red Triangle