New decade, what are you going to achieve?

December 16, 2019

Running around Christmas shopping? Gearing up for the Christmas party? Thinking about the Christmas turkey?

Setting goals for the New Year or more exciting, the new decade is probably right at the back of your mind. As it should be! One of the most important things over the festive break is to take a break. Running your own business is stressful and not enough of us take a proper break. I remember when I ran my business, the last collection form the Royal Mail before Christmas was a huge relief. So my first bit of advice is to take a proper rest. Switch off or maybe even better… turn your phone off. Could you do that for 24 hours? Not sure I could. This leads me nicely into the first and most important of my 3 skills to master for the next decade. I have popped down plenty of resources for you to browse over the festive break.


The art of looking after yourself is going to be vital over the next ten years. Not only for entrepreneurs but for all of us. One thing I’m sure of over the next 10 years, life is not going to slow down. I could write a book on things to help you maintain balance both physically and mentally but here are a few things to help you on your way.


Pitching is a vital skill in all walks of life. It’s the art of persuading people effectively and with time being tighter for everyone, being able to communicate well will help you achieve a lot more of your goals quicker. Below are some great resources for you to look at to perfect your pitch. One bit of advice from me… practice, practice, practice… I have met over 100 businesses over the last year and very few of them are able to explain their idea in 30 seconds!


One of the elements you can control when setting up and running your business is teaching yourself new skills. It’s often the case that you get a quote for some work, realise it is way outside your budget and think “I can do that”. Not always the correct answer to the problem but often a necessity. There are some fantastic resources that will help you get up to speed. I guarantee whatever you want to learn there will be someone that has created a video. So I challenge you this decade to learn something new!

By Pete McLean, BRT Business Adviser

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