Angels Den

Angels Den is an online investment platform that allows individuals to invest in early-stage companies. Prior to launch, Angels Den will provide companies with a lead investor who will invest their own money, time and connections to help the business grow.

Par Equity

Par Equity is a venture capital firm created to facilitate investment into smaller companies with high growth potential. They are primarily interested in innovative companies.

Equity Gap

Equity Gap is a group of private individuals who invest and support emerging and growing businesses in Scotland. The group are particularly interested in assisting young companies that have achieved the SMART award.

Investing Women

Investing Women support female entrepreneurs throughout the UK. They offer advice on networking and how to apply for their grants. Their typical range of investment is between £50,000 and £250,000 of capital in early stage ventures that are based in Scotland.

SEIS Information

SIES is designed to help companies raise money when they are starting to trade. They do this by offering tax reliefs to individual investors, who buy new shares in a company. If your company has been trading for less than two years and have less than £200,000 of assets, then you may be able to attract an investment of up to £150,000.

Mercia Fund Management

Mercia Fund Management provides the ‘Complete Capital Solution,’ offering a range of debt, venture and growth capital to UK SMEs.

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