Victoria Bradley

Incubator Manager

“You snooze you lose.”

Joining the BRT team as an incubator manager Victoria brings a mix of commercial and entrepreneurial experience.


Before joining Edinburgh Napier University, Victoria founded a number of start-ups across industries including food & drink, fitness and real estate. Victoria comes to BRT with previous experience of running a coworking space where she built a community of 70 businesses. Victoria has lived the start-up journey and understands the challenges faced by new businesses.


Her personal interests lie in brand development and community engagement. She understands the need for a โ€˜tribeโ€™ and how to use marketing tactics to gain traction quickly.


Victoria graduated with a BSc Marketing from Stirling University before working in the USA. On returning to the UK she completed an MSc International Fashion Marketing.


She continues to be opportunity hungry, testing business ideas in her spare time. This ongoing passion for entrepreneurship brings energy and enthusiasm to the BRT community.





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