Three videos to help you generate ideas

November 17, 2020

Do you want to solve a problem, start a business, or develop a groundbreaking innovation?

Are you struggling with the idea phase? Maybe you’re stuck for ideas, or maybe you just don’t know where to start?

If any of this sounds familiar, this blog post has been written just for you.

Our expert Business Adviser, Victoria Bradley, has handpicked three videos to help you unleash your creativity and develop great ideas.

What is Design Thinking? (An Overview 2020)

Watch this video to get an overview of design thinking. AJ&Smart CEO, Jonathan Courtney, shares the definition of Design Thinking, explains the process, and why it’s so important to innovation.

Come up with Better Ideas – Unlock the power of your subconscious

If you want to come up with good ideas and overcome creative blocks, watch this. CEO & Founder of The Futur, Chris Do, shares how he gets clients to be specific about what they want, and explains how he develops ideas for them.

Where good ideas come from

This video will motivate and inspire you. In this renowned TED talk, author Steven Johnson takes us on a tour of great ideas, inventions, and innovations in history and how they came about. If you’d like to find out where good ideas come from, this is the video for you.

What next?

If you’d like to find out where good ideas come from, this is the video for you. If you’re an Edinburgh Napier student, staff member, or alumni, and you’d like to chat through your ideas! You can book in for a drop-in session with one of our Business Advisers on Friday, 27 November 2020.

If you aren’t able to make one of these times however, don’t fret! You can join our BRT community for free and book as many 1:2:1 Business Advice appointments as you like.

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