Three videos to aid you with motivation, idea generation and critical thinking

December 16, 2020

Do you find yourself stuck for motivation and losing sight of the big picture?

You are not alone! That is why our team at BRT has selected the below resources to help you past this moment. We have all been there at one point or another.

The important thing to remember is that there are plenty of resources available and that you are not alone on this journey.

Entrepreneur Motivation by Steve Jobs

In this short and insightful video, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century shares his wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Elon Musk on how to start a business

Hear from the founder of Tesla and SpaceX! A brilliant clip by Elon Musk that is a must watch.

De Bono’s Thinking hats – a tool for critical thinking

Part of BRT’s video series on design thinking, our Coordinator Vlad gives a brief overview of De Bono’s famous method – this theory is part of classic entrepreneurship education and has been used by many successful businesses.

Okay, I have watched the videos. What now?

If you enjoyed the resources and feel motivated to take the next step in your business journey, why not book an appointment with one of our business advisers? You don’t need to have a specific idea – the advisers can support you at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

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