Young Enterprise Scotland – Launch event

September 26, 2019

By Vladimir Ivanov, BRT Coordinator

On Saturday the 21 of September, Pete, myself and Shannon from echo shoppe had the opportunity to attend the launch event of YES – Young Enterprise Scotland.

Young Enterprise Scotland is an organisation that has been running for a number of years. Its aim is to inspire entrepreneurship in younger generations and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set across high schools in Scotland.

The morning was kicked off by Fraser Doherty, founder of Superjam. Fraser’s amazing story of starting up his business was a perfect beginning of this inspirational day. It had everything a good story has – the struggles of a small business, the challenges of expanding and the joy of success.

Joined by Fraser Doherty, Shannon was part of the ‘Sofa Conversations’ – a Q&A session that gave us an opportunity for an in depth discussion with the two entrepreneurs. It was invigorating to listen to both Fraser and Shannon speak about their experience of starting a business, their passion and what makes them ‘tick’.

Pete and I were then stationed in the ‘War room’ – a safe space where student teams would come in and get honest feedback on their business idea, as well as get answers to any questions and queries they might have. It was amazing to see that nearly every business idea had an aspect of sustainability involved!

Reflecting on the event, it was a refreshing experience. It made me wish that I was just as proactive, involved, curious and brave as the students we met that day. But I find reassurance in the fact that it is never too late to work on yourself, to study, to learn new things and to follow your passion.

I would encourage everyone and anyone to keep doing just that!

Bright Red Triangle